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Review: Kaweco Premium Nibs - Are they worth it?

Kaweco Premium Nib 1.jpg

Unequivocally the answer is “YES”!  Paying $200 more for a gold nib is a luxury not everybody can afford, but paying less than $40 for a nib that performs like gold is worth every penny.

Kaweco claims that their Premium replacements nibs perform like gold, and they do! The extra polishing, and care in manufacturing are noticeable improvements on how the nib puts down ink.


So is it for every pen? Not exactly… The standard nibs are already excellent so if you are pleased with the performance you are getting, there is no need for a replacement.  Two of my standard DIA2 nibs were exceptional out of the box, other two were just a little harder and not as smooth.  So those were upgraded with Premium nibs. My Kaweco Original was perfect right of the box, so it was not upgraded.  In my case I opted to upgrade two out of five nibs.


The quality of the Premium nibs may be more obvious to those who write with extra-fine, fine, and medium nibs.  Those who write with broad or BB may not experience a significant difference. Ink flow can be significantly improved with the finer nibs, resulting in a better writing experience.  


Another great aspect of the Kaweco 060 nibs in general is their interchangeability among models and the easy of replacing a nib, which takes less than a minute.   The Premium nibs have a more elaborate engraving so they are easy to differentiate from standard nibs



- Available both in silver and gold finish

- Interchangeable between the Kaweco Metal Sport, AC Sport, AL Sport, Liliput, Special, Student, Original, and DIA2

- Affordable price

- Easy to install, takes less than a minute

- Comes packaged in a protective Kaweco tin metal case with cardboard sleeve



- Premium nibs may be difficult to find in the U.S. as most dealers focus on high-profit items and not necessarily quality.  The good news is that the nibs are available online from European resellers who ship worldwide.


Note: The photographs reflect my working pens, these are not new and were purchased by myself years ago. No part of this review was sponsored.

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