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Anthony Vanderlinden Photography Portfolio 

After a short career in photojournalism, Anthony Vanderlinden started working in advertising and commercial photography in 1991.  Vanderlinden established Wet Dog Publications in 1998 and diversified into publishing historical books.  Working with historical artifacts led to a more specialized approach of composing images in period correct settings.  The images shown below are only a small sampling of photographs done for various projects through the years. Not all were commercial projects, some are just shown for fun. 

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance:  This was a fun exercise photographing the lines and details of vintage and classic cars while competing with hundreds of spectators for real estate. The challenge was not so much elimination the visitors from the backgrounds but more importantly avoiding their reflections in the chrome and nickel finishes and even the car paints without relying on post processing.  Emphasis was placed on highlighting the elegance of period design lines. 

Pima Air & Space Museum: Timing was everything at Pima, a thunderstorm offered the dramatic effect needed to render these war birds in a different setting than that of a static museum display.  The dark skies and tight cropping gave it the Cold War feel I was looking for.    

Battle Patrol branding, Sao Paulo – Brazil: The goal with this shoot was to help the customer transition the line of vintage military garments from a niche market to a more mainstream men’s fashion line, while at the same time retaining period correct settings.   This job was done with photographer Abbie Mercaldo, combining styles in order to maximize variety and selection for the customer.  Images seen here are Vanderlinden photos, see the Mercaldo photos here.      

Product and Advertising Favorites: Sometimes art directors take a break and leave the photographers in charge of their work. Here some samples of my favorite product shots including 1- Charles Chevignon, Paris, bomber jacket ad, 2- FN cased pistol for the cover of the Grand Curtius museum magazine, 3- Quievremont Virginia Winery ad campaign