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Don't be a Brand Groupie!

Which is best, Nikon or Canon?  It was the question that fueled the Nikon and Canon popularity wars… This did not start 10 or 20 years ago, it spans back to the 1970s and 1980s.

You do not have to seek far on the net to find a dedicated forum where you can not voice a critique or criticism of a brand before being attacked, ousted, or worse.  Those people are, like the old Ford and Chevy followers, obsessive groupies.  The brand is almost a religion for them.


The reality is that all manufacturers have good and bad products, and that all manufacturers go through good and bad product periods.  It is even worse now, as so much manufacturing is out-sourced to lesser quality (sub) contractors (or production plants), who produce mediocre products under the same name as the quality products. 

A brand name is no longer a sign of quality!

Photographers need to learn to focus on the end-product and not so much on the photography equipment.  I never called a client and said: “We had a wonderful time photographing your garments on location, it was a fantastic day, we played with all the lenses and camera models, tried different filters and effects. It was superb but the images look like crap… oh and by the way, I will be sending you an invoice tomorrow.

Too much emphasis is put on getting the latest or another piece of equipment.  Most of the purchases are “want” based versus “need” based.  It does not matter if your shot was taken with a $2500 lens or a $25 used Ebay deal.   Photographers should focus on what works for them, no matter what the reviewers say.  Use that 30-year old lens, as it may be sharper and better than the latest aspherical monstrosity costing thousands.  If that discount after-market accessory works for you, why not!   Professional studios are filled with old stuff that is tried and true.

The need to upgrade should come from your needs, and not from marketers.

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